Wheat Weaving

Wheat weaving is a very old practice dating back to ancient times. Originally a symbol of religious significence, it was believed to bring prosperity, luck, happiness and health. The stalks were woven into items of beauty to be hung in a place of honor until the spring seedling festival, when they were cast back to the soil, hoping the spirit that lived there would bring a good harvest. Wheat weaving almost died out due to the use of threshing machines which broke the stems. However, there has been a recent revival of interest. Each item is hand-woven.

Care for your Woven Wheat

Woven wheat items will last for decades once dried. Items have been found that date back over a hundred years. It is very easy to maintain your woven wheat items. Simply spray (mist) some water on it once or twice a year to keep the moisture content up. However, never hang it where it will get wet and stay wet. It will sprout in a few days if it remains wet. There are two ways to clean the woven wheat items:

The following are examples of wheat weaving that can be found at our farm store and on our shop at Etsy: